Reviews do more than encourage authors, yet writing a review can be daunting. Many people prefer not to leave one because they may not feel they write well enough or know what to say. If you fall into that category…here’s a fun way to make it easy to write a review. » copyrighted by Author Heidi Gray McGill 2022

Directions: Choose the word(s) that best fits in the blank:

I ___verb___ this book! (loved, enjoyed, adored, treasured, devoured)

The characters were ___adjective___. (entertaining, delightful, wonderful, amusing, charming, real)

_____Name_____ was my favorite character because __________________.

©Author Heidi Gray McGill 2022

The story was ___adjective___. (Engaging, captivating, sweet, uplifting, inspiring)

I will ___adverb___ (gladly, heartily, definitely) recommend this book to my friends.

I really hope the author writes more books in this series, because ________________. (I want to know more about a certain character, these characters feel like family, I have to know what happens to ___name___)

I look forward to reading more books by this author because ________________. (I enjoy her writing style; I love the way she reveals the spiritual side of her characters; she ties true, historical events to her storyline.)

But I didn’t purchase the book

Even if you borrowed the book from a friend or your local library, you can leave a review. In your own words, state where you received the copy you read.

But I didn’t really like the book

Every review makes a difference, and the three-star reviews make the five-star ones shine brighter. There is always a way to share truth while being kind. Kindness. Always Kindness.

I’m still not sure it’s worth my time

If you tip your waiter or waitress at a restaurant for good service, please consider “tipping” an author. We put hours, days, weeks, months, and sometimes years into providing you with books for your reading pleasure.

But it’s just one review. It won’t make that much of a difference.

Have you ever heard this saying by Dr. Seuss? “To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” Yeah…that…

You can do it!

You don’t have to match the author’s writing skills when leaving a review, and a couple of sentences do the trick. If you have recently read a book and haven’t left a review, please encourage an author today and submit your completed review on Amazon and other online retailers or sites you frequent. You’ll make someone’s day!

©Author Heidi Gray McGill 2022

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  1. Thank you so much for suggesting ways to write reviews. I have put off doing reviews because I didn’t know quite ‘how’.

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