Average, but Obedient – Heidi shares her heart in an Association of Christian Fiction Writers Post

How do I stand out and reach the top in the Christian Indie world when I’m average? There are authors with English degrees and years of experience under their belt. Others don’t need to choose between paying for an editor or rent. Some days, it seems everyone is jockeying for position in the author world, and my horse has a lame leg. READ MORE of this heartfelt article on the ACFW blog.

Published by Author Heidi Gray McGill

Heidi and her husband of over thirty years live in South Carolina. Besides writing Christian fiction with relatable characters in life-changing stories, Heidi relishes time with family and friends. She enjoys scrapbooking, playing games, traveling, and building bridges with her grandsons that must fall with a loud crash and usually involve a monster truck.

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