Stepping out in faith can be frightening

In November 2020, I independently published my debut novel. In 2022, I stepped out in faith an signed with Celebrate Lit Publishing. Being accepted into the traditional publishing world not only seemed daunting but idealistic. Just because I surpassed my personal goals as an Indie Author didn’t mean I had any business throwing my hat in with those who chose the traditional route. Maybe I should rephrase that to “throwing my hat in with those the traditional route chose.” Either way, it made my knees quake.

I’m more cowardly lion than Lionheart, and taking risks is challenging.

When Celebrate Lit Publishing contacted me about participating in the upcoming Suamalie Island series, it was easy for me to step into the unknown world of following a publisher’s schedule rather than my own. Why? Because I knew the heart of those running the publishing house, and I also knew several authors and their desire to share Christ through the written word.

So, I jumped at the chance…or swam. The first of my three books in this series, “A Deeper Love,” is available for preorder.

“A Deeper Love” has been fun to write, especially the main character, Alicia. She is a strong female entrepreneur who owns the local Scuba shop on the Isle of Tiga. She caters to the wealthy and adventurous, yet her life has become stagnant and stale. This opposites-attract romantic comedy will take you deep into the characters’ hearts and show you the depth of God’s love.

Watch for more about “A Deeper Love” in the months ahead. In the meantime…Celebrate Lit has a giveaway going on through February 5, 2023, to kick off the series. Be sure to enter the giveaway and learn more by visiting the Celebrate Lit website.

Published by Author Heidi Gray McGill

Heidi and her husband of over thirty years live in South Carolina. Besides writing Christian fiction with relatable characters in life-changing stories, Heidi relishes time with family and friends. She enjoys scrapbooking, playing games, traveling, and building bridges with her grandsons that must fall with a loud crash and usually involve a monster truck.

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  1. Looking forward to more from you, dear Heidi! Reading your books is akin to time with the Father, much needed and desired. He surely has His hand on your pen as you write.

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