Are you a Prime Member? Don’t miss this free book!!!

If you are like me and have the Kindle app on your phone, an eReader at the ready, and paperbacks stacked to look like a side table, Prime can help make room for more reading in your life. 

As a Prime member, you can choose FOR FREE up to 10 titles at a time from more than 1,000 carefully curated books…one of those being Desire of my Heart. I am beyond thrilled that my debut novel was chosen for this honor. Between March 1st and June 1st, you can download the first in the series for FREE through Prime Reading.

What is Prime Reading, you ask? Check out Amazon’s explanation here, but be sure to come back and read more after you learn how to download Desire of my Heart.

Prime Reading is not the same as Kindle Unlimited. Prime Reading is FREE to those with a Prime membership and only includes around 1,000 specially chosen titles by Amazon—like Desire of my Heart*. Kindle Unlimited is a paid service that includes millions of titles. If Prime Reading whets your appetite, sign up for a free 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited* to expand your library even more.

Desire of my Heart is the first book in my Discerning God’s Best series. It is an uplifting, wholesome, and inspirational book that will keep you engaged to the very end. “Aging out of the orphanage leaves Rachel with few options. She refuses an arranged marriage and orchestrates a narrow escape, dragging her younger brother, Charlie, with her into an unforeseeable future with a man she doesn’t know but who needs her as much as she needs him.”

May I request a favor? If you like the book, please leave a review on Amazon. Reviews help and encourage authors. I’d greatly appreciate it.

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Published by Author Heidi Gray McGill

Heidi and her husband of over thirty years live in South Carolina. Besides writing Christian fiction with relatable characters in life-changing stories, Heidi relishes time with family and friends. She enjoys scrapbooking, playing games, traveling, and building bridges with her grandsons that must fall with a loud crash and usually involve a monster truck.

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