How to Place an eBook on Your Device

If this is the first time you are trying to upload a book as an ePUB file, don’t get discouraged!  Below are links to guides for various situations. The first is probably all you’ll need.

ePUB – is now an eBook standard for Amazon devices.

The easiest way to get an ePUB file onto your Kindle device is via email. Amazon provides instructions here on how to do so: You can also import the file to your Kindle device by plugging it into your computer.

From my tech support:

The most efficient way to get the eBook onto your Kindle or Kindle app is to email the ePub file attached in author’s original email to the Kindle email address registered to that specific device (i.e.: reader, tablet, phone). You will have other Kindle email addresses, if you also have iPads, etc. BEFORE YOU BEGIN, please read the steps below:

  1. First, you should add email account(s) to the Approved Personal Document E-mail List. Click this link to get to your Preferences tab of the ‘Manage Your Content and Devices page Then scroll down toward the end of this page and click Personal Document Settings. Locate Approved Personal Document E-mail List. If the sender’s (THIS IS YOU) email isn’t already listed, please add. The email account(s) that should be added are YOUR personal or work email AND the email address associated with your Amazon account, if different.
  2. Second, to discover the specific email you should be emailing the eBook directly to, visit: You should see each device (ie: phone, iPad, Kindle) listed and it’s email address. Jot this email address down or copy and paste into the TO: box of your email. Make sure the ePub file is attached to that email. You do not need any other text in the body of the email. (Weird, I know) Keep the email simple … the TO: Kindle email address and attach the ePub file. Then SEND the email.
  3. Now, you will likely need to check the email account where Amazon correspondence/receipts are sent as you will need to click button in the Verify your Kindle document email. Once this is done, the book should be on your Kindle app within moments.
  4. More info here about sending to Kindle by email.

I struggled the first several times, so if you are still having difficulties, please visit: Dave provides a helpful video.

On Apple devices, you can open ePub files using iBooks. Here’s how:
(This works for iPads as well.)

If you’re using an Android-based smartphone or tablet, then you’ll need an eReader app. ranks their 15 favorites here:

If you’re using a Nook, here’s how to add ePUB files to your device:

If you’re using a Kindle Fire, you can read ePUB files on your device. Here’s how:

If you’re using a Kindle Paperwhite (or another non-tablet Kindle), you’ll first need to convert the ePUB file to a MOBI file. Here’s how:

If you’re using your laptop or desktop computer, (PC or MAC), here’s how to add ePUB files to your device: (read section for ePub file)

If you are using the Kindle App on an iPhone/iPad, read this:

If you are using the Kindle App on a smartphone/tablet with the Android OS, read this:

News Articles on WHY MOBI is no longer a Kindle option:
Amazon’s adoption of EPUB coming late 2022 & another article here

Enjoy your reading! If you have tried these instructions and are still running into issues, please email me directly at | If all else fails from above, I can email you a MOBI version of the book..