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The biggest adventures can be found among the detours of the journey.

Deep in his heart, Melvin Trexler knows slavery is wrong. As the abolitionist son of a pro-slavery plantation owner, the only way Melvin can live according to his convictions is to leave his family and inheritance behind. Instead of helping run the family plantation, Melvin moves his family to a new future in the Midwest.

Mary Trexler isn’t as eager to leave her precious treasures behind. While unhappy at the idea of never again seeing her ill mother, her best friend, and the grave of her infant daughter, she cannot ignore her vow to her husband. Deep in her heart, Mary knows God will always be with them and that a fresh start will benefit their family.

The Trexlers must change their plans shortly after beginning their trip west but are determined to view the unexpected detour as a blessing in disguise.