Tatted Cross

When you purchase your pre-release copy, please share that information with me, and you may be one of ten individuals to receive a tatted cross like the one mentioned in the story Matters of the Heart. These handcrafted items, made by a precious friend and artisan, are each unique and will make a beautiful bookmark.

A tatted bookmark handcrafted by a local artisan can be yours.
See details below on how to enter.

Ahh, I see the questions turning over in your mind…

“How do I enter?” 1) Purchase your pre-release copy. 2) Take a screenshot like the example given in this link. Ensure it includes the date and name of the book. It does not need to include the price. 3) Email the image to me with your first and last name.

“How do you choose?” On July 27th, the day after Matters of the Heart releases, I will let my precious grandson Avery choose ten names, and I’ll send a quick email to let you know if your name was pulled from the hat.

“I usually read your books on Kindle Unlimited.” Thank you! Oh, my goodness. You are such a blessing to me. Seriously, KU readers who go to the very last page rock! However, that creates a problem for entering since you cannot pre-order on KU. So, mark your calendar for July 26th (release day) and download Matters of the Heart to KU. Follow the “How do I enter” instructions above, and I will include you in the pre-order group for the drawing. Don’t miss the deadline!

“What if I want the paperback?” I will have two tatted crosses available to be drawn from those of you purchasing a paperback copy. The paperback takes longer to format and should be available on Amazon the week after the eBook releases. However, since I don’t have an exact date of when it goes live, the paperback contest will remain open until the end of August. Follow the same “How do I enter” rules to submit your entry after you purchase.

“But I want a signed copy.” Super Fan, you make my day, and my eyes well up with tears. Seriously, I’m honored by this gesture. Signed copies of my books are available for US residents only.*  Each book is $20 including S&H when purchased directly from me using Zelle or PayPal. For me to put your name in the drawing, your payment needs to be received by July 26th. Paperback books may take a few weeks to arrive in your mailbox with a turnaround time on my end.

*International readers are welcome to join in on the fun except for the signed paperback. The crosses are lightweight, and I will happily mail one to you should Avery choose your entry.

You may enter only once in total. Additional purchases do not increase your odds.